Well that sunshine didn't last long........

Never mind there's plenty of other places to jet off to to get your fix of the summer sun, why not unlock that little bit of extra cash to make the holidays even better, bring in any items of gold, silver and platinum get the amount you need to set your getaway off with bang and you get 7 months to come back for it, simple! You could also bring in your smart phone, tablet or other electrical item and come back for it within 28 days, a fast and easy way to borrow the cash you need today. 

Or having a clear out at home to make a fresh summer start, any unwanted items of gold, silver or platinum we'll buy them from you, get rid of the clutter and use the extra cash to buy your self something you really want!

With all this extra cash we can get you, don't forget about dad this june 21st we have an amazing range of gents jewellery to suit any taste, let us help find you the perfect gift for the father in your life.  


Half term holidays left you feeling blue?

Half term holidays left you a bit strapped for cash again?! Do not fear.... The Gold Emporium are offering you yet another service to help you through the tough times! We're offering a 28 day buy back service on phones/tablets so you can walk away with the cash you need and the piece of mind you can buy your items back within 28 days - it couldn't be simpler!

We'll consider any item even if it's not in pristine condition and all that we ask is you bring the box/charger/any receipts you may have but if not bring your item in anyway and we'll still consider it.

See you (and your item) soon!

The Gold Emporium.